The company respects the privacy of users of the Desertopia2:Cryptopia game service (hereinafter referred to as the game service), and on the premise of compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations. The company adopts the following online privacy policy, when users use this game service during this period. The company collect, process, utilize and transmit the personal data of users to ensure and improve the content and quality of the game service.

(Please note that this privacy policy only covers the game services provided by the company, and does not include other websites not operated by the company. During the use of the game services, users should confirm the privacy policy of the other website before linking to other websites.)

1. Purpose of collecting personal data

  1. The personal information provided by the user to the company will enable the company to provide the game service, and remind the user of product service information, functions, upgrade opportunities, competitions, promotions, other special events and offers; or to enhance products or services, Or handle/refer a customer service or technical support issue.
  2. The personal data provided by the user to the company will be used by the company for internal marketing, evaluation analysis or demographic statistics, so that the company can better understand the needs of customers and provide better game services.
  3. The user agrees that the company may integrate the user information collected by this game service with the information obtained from a third party, or provide it to a third party of related products and services to update user contact information and complete market analysis, and improve products, services or systems. The user can contact the company if have any questions about third-party integration.
  4. The company can use user information by automated machines or other non-automated means (such as written, electronic or international transmission, etc.).

2. Types of personal data collected

  1. Personal identification information: such as name, date of birth, gender, national identity card number, contact information (including telephone, address, e-mail address), marriage, family, or other information that can directly or indirectly identify the user; If necessary, the company will request the original or photocopy for verification.
  2. Billing information: such as a valid credit card number or other payment information, billing address, etc.; if necessary, the company will request the original or photocopy for verification.
  3. Usage data: When a user accesses the company’s services through a browser or mobile device, the company will collect the “usage data” of the user’s browser and mobile device, including the IP address of the user’s computer and mobile device, browser type, browser version, pages visited, date of visit, time of visit, mobile device IP, mobile device IP address, mobile operating system and other diagnostic data.
  4. Cookies: The company uses “Cookies” and similar tracking technologies to collect information on the use of the company’s services by users, such as passwords or registration information, in order to accelerate the use of the company’s services by users. For promotional, marketing or security maintenance purposes, cookies will be used to access user information. Users can turn off the Cookie file function of the browser, which will not affect the user’s use of the company’s website, but after turning off, it may cause the complexity of use and involve more input procedures. If the function of clearing the cookies file, it may also affect some functions of the company’s services. If necessary, the company will request the original or photocopy of the above-mentioned information for verification.

3. Period of use of personal information

During the provision of this game service.

4. Area of use of personal information

This game service is provided worldwide.

5. Disclosure of the information collected:

  1. The company will provide users’ personal data to the third-party providers who provide this game service, and ensure that the third-party companies comply with the privacy standards listed in this policy.
  2. There are circumstances that are required to be provided by law.
  3. There are specific circumstances sufficient to determine that the user has infringed others or is suspected of violating the law.

6. Influence of lack of information and inaccuracy

  1. If the personal information provided by the user is insufficiently identifiable, the company may suspend the service to the user when it finds out, and resume the service after the user makes corrections. If the correction cannot be made, the company will not be able to provide the game service.
  2. Due to the lack of user personal information, the company cannot provide services (such as birthday discounts, event rewards), or cannot identify the service target (such as account fraud, data theft), the company will not be able to provide the services.

7. Data protection

The company has taken measures to protect all information collected from misappropriation, destruction, loss or improper distribution, and to maintain its original form from any alteration. All users’ personal data access is also subject to the company’s strictly control to reserve the user’s personal data during the provision of services.

8. Attention to minor users

The company does not provide this game service for children and teenagers under the age of 18. If their parents or guardians know that the company has collected them for any reason, please contact the company; once found, the company will delete it by itself.

9. User rights

  1. After being confirmed by the company as the person, the user may request the following:
    1. Check whether the company holds any personal data of the user;
    2. Access to the personal data of users held by the Company;
    3. Request correction of user’s personal data;
    4. Request to stop collecting, processing or using users’ personal data
    5. Request to delete the user’s personal data, please note that deletion may result in the termination of the user’s account and other related services.
  2. After receiving the above request from the user, the company will cooperate with it except for legal requirements, dispute preservation and related service needs, but reserves the right to charge for handling various matters.

10. Updates to the privacy policy

By using this website, users agree to this privacy policy. If you do not agree, please do not use this website. This privacy policy may be adjusted at any time, and users should review this policy regularly to ensure that they are aware of any changes to the privacy policy. For major changes to this policy, the company will announce the changes on the website or this privacy policy to make it widely known, and will notify you if necessary. Users will be deemed to accept such changes when they continue to use this website.

Last Update: 2023/6/8